About Us

We're Thrive Essentials

We make creating daily health habits fun and easy. Our focus is on a blend of powerful superfoods, vitamins and adaptogens that create ultra effective and targeted, holistic remedies. We are on a mission to make inner health just as much of your selfcare routine as your daily face serum. We believe good health and good times should be synonymous. Our mantras to life are simplicity through good design, nourishment through holistic eating, power through knowledge and to never stop being curious. Our products are made to help you live a more balanced, radiant and thriving life. We’re here to remind people that health should come first and that maintaining it should be fun!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create empowering, healthy and beauty conscious supplements for women on the go. We aim to provide wellness focused women with convenient, performance based, nutritional products to help them look and feel their best. From beauty support, to immune function and sports performance, our supplements allow women to spend less time in the kitchen pantry and vanity room and more time achieving their daily goals.

Our Values

We live by the motto, embrace your body and want to create a community that celebrates the gravity of what that truly means. We believe that beauty and health should be fun and built around a woman’s busy schedule, not the other way around. We think food should taste delicious, it should fuel the body and mind. Aesthetics aren’t just for beauty products and fitness isn’t just for the boys. We’re here for the girl who owns her body, her goals, her life.

Committment to Diversity

As a young, black women with a huge interest in health and wellness, our founder noticed a huge gap in the supplements on the market that catered to health issues minority women suffered with on a higher scale. She also noticed the lack of representation in the marketing, the lack of access to proper healthcare education and the absence of proper healthcare treatment, that minority women experience as a whole. With that in mind, Thrive Essentials is committed to addressing these issues in a bold, fresh and inclusive way.

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