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Slender Shake Complete Meal Replacement - Vanilla
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Achieve the lean, healthy body of your dreams with our delicious protein packed meal replacement shake! Give your body what it needs for strong performance, weight management & curbing appetite! 


Say hello to your ALL-IN-ONE solution to help you stay fit and trim.

Our Slender Shake is a delicious protein based meal replacement made to help you control your cravings while helping you reach your body goals.

With a healthy dosage of fiber, our scientifically formulated shake provides the nutrients required for you to miss meals with confidence. Simply consume in place of one or two meals each day depending on your individual goals.

This delicious vanilla flavored whey protein powder product will keep you full for hours and increase metabolic rate to provide the energy required to go about your busy daily life, while also providing the vitamins, minerals and essential fats needed to support general health and well-being.

🦋 High Protein (24 Grams)

🦋 Key Vitamins (magnesium, B12, calcium, zinc, etc.)

🦋 Complete Meal Replacement

🦋 Controls Cravings

🦋 Supports Weight Loss

🦋 Improves Gut Health 

Manufacturer Country: USA

Amount: 720 g (25.4 oz)

Net weight: 1031g g (2.27lb)

Usage: Use 2 scoops of Slender Shake. You can eat, drink or bake with our slender shake protein! Mix with water, in smoothies, hot or cold beverages, with nut or dairy based milks, in coffee or even with yogurt. Use a shaker cup, blender or frother to ensure it is properly mixed.

Get ready to kick cravings, control appetite, move more LBS, and cut down on the cals! Reach your goals with our delicious, protein packed Slender Shakes!

High protein with essentials vitamins and minerals

Fiber filled to keep you fuller, longer and provide you the energy you need throughout your busy days

Supports weight loss and curbs cravings

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